About My Models


Sky Cubacub- (That’s me) I also have another website:skycubacub.com and etsy focused on chainmaille:etsy.com/shop/skycubacub

Michelle Zacarias– The Megaphone Blog

Compton Q-  Compton Q’s Fashion

Heather Lynn-I recently worked with Heather on costuming and performing in her play, Genesis and Nemesis at Church of Templehead Gallery

Carrie K- Crip Sex for One or More

Sandie YiCrip Couture

Mariyah Winding– AWKH

Ireashia MonétDrala- Digital zine dedicated to uplifting art, music, culture, and writing.

Dean Evans– I made the new  Honeybuns LQQK

Andy Slavin- Their latest performance was entirely costumed by Rebirth! Andy Slavin Dance

Nina Litoff– Nina Litoff Photography

Gabriel Anaya– Video Work

Maegan J– Give us a Kiss: Bodily adornments for the discerning weirdo

Miriam Piilonen– put computer: lady dictator of profundity, here to direct you on a meandering and usually pedantic path of cheerful inquisition